Welcome to Deep Sea Publishing.  Deep Sea Publishing (DSP) book offerings include general fiction, children’s stories, young adult and teen novels, art and photography, and technical references.    Want to know how to order our books?   Click here.


Carcharhinus obscurus by Dr. Jaws is available in paperback and on Kindle.

Deep Sea Publishing products include:

  • New books:  Cacharias tarus, Carcharhinus obscurus, A Good Fight, The Gullivan Legacy, Hardt’s Tale, It’s a Dragon-Eat-Dragon World,  Not Myself, Appetizers from the Word of God (3 Volumes), Capria Rodalia, Kissing Kirkland, Hoot Owl Hollow;
  • Novel: The Bryant Family Chronicles: Death and Gold in Zara Zote (Readers Favorite Award Winner and world-wide sales) by author Eddie R Hughes, which is available on the Online Store, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBookstore and more;
  • Teen Books: Not Myself (Online Store, Amazon), It’s a Dragon-Eat-Dragon World (Amazon), Let Sleeping Dragons Lie (Online Store, Amazon), Capria Rodalia & Seven Summits: The Magical Talent (Online Store, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBookstore and more) and Carcharhinus obscurus (Amazon), Cacharias tarus  (Amazon), Hoot Owl Hollow (Amazon, August 2014);
  •  Children’s Books: My Seasons with Grandma Francesca and Grandma Louise and Christmas in Paradise; Kissing Kirkand (all on Online Store and Amazon)

The Good Fight by Ophelia Hu is available now at Buy Books on Online Store.

Deep Sea also publishes technical books and other works, such as:

    • Technical Guide: Site Surveying Guide for Radar and Cameras (available here and on Amazon.com);
    • Manuals and other technical guides;
    • Creative Stories for marketing technology.

For fictional titles, the award winning Bryant Family Chronicles are adventure packed stories of a crime-solving family that lives in Florida. Murder, mysteries, high-tech gadgets, love interests, and family dynamics are staples of these stories.  It has been said that this book is like James Bond movie with a family as a the main character.   Book 2 of this series will be released December 20, 2013.   Also take a look at Ophelia Hu’s book, The Good Fight.  This book looks our possible life in the not so distance future.    It was released in July 2013 and is available out our online store and on Amazon.com.

Seven Summits by Sidney McPhail

Capria Rodalia by Sidney McPhail is now available on Amazon

For teenage readers, Sidney McPhail’s book the Seven Summits is a must read. This epic, fantasy novel is about a group of teenagers that must use their special “Talents” to protect their world. It is available now on Kindle at our Amazon Bookstore page or from the sidebar. It is also available now in paperback at our Buy Book page.  Look out for book 2 of the the Seven Summits series — its coming in 2014.  Deep Sea Publishing is also proud to introduce a book for all ages — Capria Rodalia.  This book also has over 40 beautiful illustrations by Jessica Mulles.   This book is about a young woman struggling in another time and another place with an unfair, oppressive class system.   Her struggle unites others to take on the ruling class.  Do they have a chance at a normal life?  Read this amazing story by Sidney McPhail and find out yourself!banner

Not Myself by Faith Miller


Deep Sea Publishing would also like to welcome its first new author in the Arts and Photography category, Tracey Y. Hughes.   Tracey specializes in photos of nature and portraits.  Her first book, Virginia Flowers, has plenty of beautiful pictures of the flowers found in many Virginia gardens.   Her book will be released in July 2013.   Also being released is Virginia Wildlife, which is a photo survey of many of the birds, animals, and insects found in Virginia.

Deep Sea Publishing would also like to welcome another new teen writer — Faith Miller — to its list of authors! Faith’sbook, Not Myself, is also available now at the Online Store and on Amazon.   Kindle and Nook versions are also available.

Author Jaime Hughes Christmas book was successful this past Christmas.  Expect more from her this year.

Hardt’s Tale by Gwendolyn Druyor is available on the Online Store at this website and on Amazon.com.

Gwendolyn Druyor’s book, Hardt’s Tale was released in April 2013.  This book takes you to another time and world…with dragons.    Gwendolyn lives in California and has entertained people on stage in plays and musicals for years.  Now she has turned her creative juices to producing this one-of-a-kind work of literature.  Gwendolyn was one of the winners of Deep Sea Publishing’s 2013 Author Contest.   Vivid scenes, new languages, outstanding character development, and an intricate plot are the staples of this book.  This book has received some of the best reviews received for any book published by Deep Sea Publishing and sells well.   Great for teens and adults of all ages.  Escape your life of mobile phones, bills, and traffic jams and dive into this fantastic world created by Gwendolyn Druyor.

The Gallivan Legacy by Sable Lewis. Go to the Buy Books page at the Online Store.

Sable Lewis’ book, The Gallivan Legacy, explores magick and witchcraft in a whole new way.  Sable was also a winner in the Deep Sea Publishing 2013 Contest.    The story begins centuries ago to Ireland and then brings you to the present to a small town in Northeast USA.   Strange things are happening in the town and only a family of witches know what’s brewing.

Ty Burson’s book, Let Sleeping Dragons is a contemporary story about slumbering dragon and its new caretaker, young Steve.   Steve and his family  live in the redwoods on the beautiful coastline of California — near the border with Oregon.   Steve and his friends find themselves as the main line of defense against an ancient dragon enemy that has come to do harm.  This book was grand prize winner of the 2013 Authors Contest by Deep Sea Publishing.

Miss Alice, by Sarah Gastright is available at Amazon.com.

Sarah Gastright’s new book, Miss Alice, is now available in paperback and Kindle formats at Amazon.com.   Sarah is a teenager living in South Carolina.   Your teen will enjoy this book, which has a strong female leading role.  This tale is about a young lady that inherits a kingdom full of strife, and demons.   The Prologue will hook you for sure.   Exciting!

Brittany Hawes was winner of the 2013 young authors contest by Deep Sea Publishing.    Check out her new book named TWISTED.   It’s a spy novel that takes place in California and Europe.   The book’s lead character is Harlot Rue, which is a smart young woman that has grown up living on the street.  Her first mission is dangerous and may be her last.   And during the process, she meets what may become a love interest.    Check out this suspenseful novel written by this nineteen-year-old college study from Florida.

Sidney, by G. Gilman Wheeler.   Available now.

Sidney, by G. Gilman Wheeler. Available now.

Sidney, A Parable for All Ages is now in print.  The book was written by G. Gilman Wheeler and can be ordered from Deep Sea Publishing and other online sites.   The book is about a delightful snail that has a bad day and ends up running away.  He soon finds he needs help and  soon finds out how wonderful it is to be loved and missed.  Promoted by Nancy Aufhammer, this book is a fabulous book for your child’s collection.   The illustrations are beautiful and the story is timeless.   The first run of the hardcover addition sold out in a few weeks.  We’re reprinting, and more will be available soon.  Now in paperback on Amazon.


TWISTED is now available on Amazon.com


New Books Coming Soon!

Deep Sea Publishing has new books and authors coming in Spring 2014:

  • The Bryant Family Chronicles:  Homicide in Honolulu, by Eddie Hughes
  • Pirate Raid on Honolulu, by Eddie Hughes
  • More Books from Dr. Jaws, and book two from Ty Burson (see below).



DSP books are sold mostly online. They can, however, be purchased directly from DSP, from bookstores and even some convenience stores. Click on the links on the sidebars to purchase from Amazon, or go to Buy Books or Products page to buy from DSP or other distributors. New formats for eBooks and new distribution channels are added each day.

DSP references include how-to guides for technology and books on radar and cameras. The technical references are useful for security specialists and anyone wanted basic understanding of sensors.  Amazingly, this technical reference is the best selling book published by Deep Sea Publishing.   Eddie R Hughes’ Site Surveying Guide for Radars and Cameras is very popular in the security world.

For the lastest in Technology and Gadgets, go to our Tech News page. Many of those reported news items can be found in our author’s books.

Deep Sea can create short stories to help sell your product. Go to Technical Short Stories under the menu item “Technical.”

Need creative ways of getting your technology across to the customer?  Deep Sea has technical writers on staff that are also creative writers.  Check out our free short story, The DMT Chronicles, under the eBook Catalog as an example of what we can do for you.  This has become a very popular tool for hi-tech companies looking for unique and low cost marketing strategies.

Contests are DSP’s way of giving something back to its readers. These contests present challenges, such as crossword puzzles, games, or scavenger hunts, which if solved offer monetary rewards. Free books are also given regularly on this and other websites. These contests and give-aways are normally short-lived and are introduced regularly, so check back often.

Let Sleeping Dragons Lie by Ty Burson. Go to Buy Books on this website’s Online Store

Book 2 of Ty Burson's Modern Dragon Chronicles is now available.

Book 2 of Ty Burson’s Modern Dragon Chronicles is now available.

Deep Sea Publishing and its authors participate in many social media sites, including Facebook and Twitter .  Go to the individual author’s webpage under Authors on the menu to find out their  email or social media sites.   Deep Sea’s authors make appearances at many book signing events, so check for the upcoming book signing events on our Book Signings page.

Interested in publishing your book? Deep Sea Publishing has its own staff of editors and artist that work with the author to create the best possible book.  Deep Sea Publishing can help. Contact us at sales@deepseapublishing.com to receive information about publishing. Unlike any other publisher, Deep Sea Publishing has easy interest-free payment plans for those on a tight budget. Check out the Author’s Corner.   Deep Sea also publishes authors each year in annual contests promoted on this website.   Winning authors receive free publishing and sometimes signing bonuses or prizes.

This is the 2nd Dr. Jaws book. Look for more to come from this talented author.

If you are interested in buying the latest hot books in paperback, Deep Sea Publishing’s Bookstore gives you the hot titles at Amazon prices. Check out our easy Online Store. You can find the Deep Sea Publishing titles here, but to buy them at a lower cost use our Buy Books page.   We also have most books available on Kindle and for the Nook.  Kindle versions can be downloaded from Amazon and Nook versions from this website and Barnes and Noble’s website.

Books on Religion

Looking for a better connection to God?  Author and Minister Linda Mason has created a delightful and spiritually uplifting series:  Appetizers from the Word of God.   Volumes One, Two, and Three are now on sale.   The books come in full color interiors and in lower-cost black and white interiors.  These books are available now on Amazon.Com.   Her new children series, Spirit of Truth Storybooks, is now being released.  The first book, Kissing Kirkland, is now available.

Other books on religion….  Interested in how non-Christians view Christianity?   Check out the book by Dr. Ali Zwaik, A Non-Christian View of Jesus and Christianity.   Available in standard and big print formats on Amazon.com.

We also welcome Jill Glassco’s Hoot Owl Hollow.  The story of a young female veterinarian that fines love and God.    She’s published other fine books and has now introduced this new book for early teens.   Her son, Ben Glassco, supplies wonderful pencil drawings.  The books is available on Amazon and DSP’s Online Store.

Kissing Kirkland, Volume 11, Author Linda Mason is now available at our online store and on Amazon.

Kissing Kirkland, Volume 11, Author Linda Mason is now available at our online store and on Amazon.

Hoot Owl Hollow, by Jill Glassco.  Great for teaching Christian values to middle school students.

Hoot Owl Hollow, by Jill Glassco. Great for teaching Christian values to middle school students.

What is the best way to shop for books at Deep Sea Publishing?  Here’s a quick guide:

  • Buy books from our online store.  Uses Paypal and charge cards.  The author makes the most money on paperback books sold this way.
    Winner in Readers Choice Awards.  By Eddie Hughes — available at most book reseller sites and this website.
  • Like the security of Amazon ordering?   Go to our Amazon store.  It is a direct link to paperback and Kindle books using Amazon.  Deep Sea Publishing is an approved Amazon Associate.
  • Want a Nook or Apple eBook?  Go to our eCatalog.   You can buy and download it from there.
  • Like to buy from your neighborhood books store?   Just go to the book page on this site and write down the ISBN.  Give this to your bookstore and they can order it directly.

If you have any problems with your orders or need more information, please  contact us at sales@deepseapublishing.com.


Note to teachers:  All books can be ordered for classrooms at a discounted rate.  Some books have teacher’s guides, which are provided free with a book order of 10 or more books.  Contact us at sales@deepseapublishing.com.   This is popular, so contact us at least 1 month prior to the time you need the books.


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