Dr. Jaws — Complete Set


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Dr. Jaws is a hybridist author who combines art, science, philosophy, and ocean lore into an exhilaratingly novel approach towards one of the sea’s living masterworks: the shark.

This includes all the currently published books by Dr. Jaws, including:

  • Carcharhinus obscurus (Dusky Shark);
  • Carcharhinus leucas (Bull Shark)
  • Carcharhinus plumbeus (Sandbar Shark);
  • Carcharias taurus (Sandtiger Shark);
  • Mustelus canis (Dusky Smoothhound Shark);
  • Squalus acanthias (Piked Dogfish Shark);
  • The Bull Shark Compendium.

Now you and your kids can enjoy the complete series.     Save almost $5 on the books plus $23.94 on shipping by buying the complete set.