Jill Glassco — The Window at Willow Springs


From the author of The Adventures of the Lookout Mountain Gang: The Secret Chest comes another delightful story of growing up in small-town America and learning what matters most. Jill weaves memories, imagination, and mystery into a second book based on her childhood in Fort Payne, Alabama.

The book is 196 pages long, has 10 black and white illustrations.  Each chapter ends with a Reflections page after each chapter, which supplies a pearl of wisdom from God, a point to ponder, and a principal to live by.

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A window visible only from the outside…. A strange hand-painted message…. Cryptic letters from New Mexico….   This is another story from Jill Glassco in her childhood home in Fort Payne, Alabama.   The year is 1966 and Jill is in the 5th grade.  The whole family will love Jill’s new adventure with her brother Mark, and her friends.