Ty Burson – Let Sleeping Dragons Lie


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Book 1 of the Modern Dragon Chronicles was written by Ty Burson.   Steve lives in a magical land of giant redwoods and thundering surf.   And though he always thought the place was beautiful, he didn’t know it was enchanted.   Or rather, that is was protected by a dragon’s magic.   He soon learns that his annoying stutter was really an ancient dragon language.    When a demon with a score to settle arrives, Steve learns that he is next in line to act as the dragon’s guardian.  And with that responsibility comes strange abilities.   Suddenly, Steve’s desire to just be a regular kid and enjoy his summer before entering middle school is threatened.   Will his new dragon-gifted powers, two best friends, a crazy ninja granny, and a few surfers be enough to stop the demon?   They better be, because every knows it’s better to Let Sleeping Dragons Lie.


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