Sable Lewis — The Gallivan Legacy


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In the mid-1600s, a witch trapped a demon, sealing it into the earth where it was meant to spend eternity. Three hundred years later, after being mistakenly released, it seeks vengeance against the witch and her descendants.

Being a witch, Alanna Gallivan knows that balance is a part of everything. She should understand better than anyone that sometimes the good and the bad go hand in hand. So it is only natural that when she has a vision of an evil force breaking free, it just happens to be on the same day her neighbor and long-time crush starts to take an interest in her. But the evil wants revenge for her ancestor’s deeds, and will stop at nothing to see that the Gallivan bloodline is wiped out.

Brendan Chandler stopped believing in magic when he was a kid. Though skeptical that his neighbor is what she professes to be, he can’t help his budding curiosity toward the mysterious young woman. When he learns the truth and comes face to face with the evil threatening her family, he must decide if his growing feelings for her are worth risking his life.